Cake Smash

Capturing Milestones

How cute is this baby girl?! We had so much fun in my studio capturing her true expressions and celebrating her 1st birthday. Little Ms. was so silly and loving all of the attention. From my odd attention grabbing noises to her aunty running back and forth behind the scenes to get her true reactions. Yes, we got our work out in!!

What I loved was that her Aunty brought her to my studio to surprise her family with her first nieces session. This sweet girls Aunt insisted on it all being perfect. She wanted her set ups to flow, her sets to be girly, and capture who she is. So that’s we did. Brought all that soft girly-ness together and made it happen. Together we put together her set ups and I love them!

Milestone sessions. Capturing personalities are one of my favorite sessions. It gives us a chance to freeze time and the ability to one day look back and remember little things like “when she smiles her tongue sticks out when she laughs her nose wrinkles”. Those small details are everything in my studio. Anyone can capture a smile. I want to capture your heart through their giggles.