Perfectly Perfect Photos

Okay, ohkay, ok… everyone knows I love candid photos and imperfections like grins and hair flowing every wrong direction. Cloths flapping in the wind. Complete chaos. I will even say things to get reactions out of couples. Parents and kids ….

Mommy & Baby E loving life
That perfect family portrait

Sure, I can pose everyone perfectly, all 17 of your family members. Yes, all 9 of this kids. I can make your grandpa smile because after all this was “your idea, your outfits, I am just here because they made me. I really hate photos”. Said every guy ever.
You made them do it. You know… take a break from their vacation to wear outfits for photos. Made everyone match. Stressed for weeks about coordinating the very shirts your kids spilled on 5 minutes before the session!! Haha…
I can definitely make babies smile & kids laugh. No problem…. Those are what I call “picture frame” photos. The photos and frames that over time blend into your pretty painted walls.

Me, I love messy, silly, awkward, not perfect smiles, eyes closed hysterically laughing, movement, moments in time that will relight that glow inside of your heart after years and years. Remark your memories of the wind, sand between the toes, and the warm sun…. The wrinkles in your parents fingers, your babies eyelashes, your husbands wrinkle in his nose when he laughs… the hardcore details.

When this sweet boy is as tall as his mama and wraps HER up in a teenage sized hug, like she is doing to him in a few years… I promise these are the photos she will stop in the hallway to look at over and over again. The REAL moments.

So next time you do a session don’t stress about matching outfits, perfect curls, or what your kids are doing to their shirts. Yes that’s a stain.
Let me do my thing and you focus on soaking in the things you came to me for. Your photos & real time