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Hello!!! I am Paige Beni.

Come visit my studio and say “hi!” Or stop by my social pages and day “hey”.

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My studio is located in the heart of downtown Lawrenceville. Easy access to 316 and lots of exciting things.

Welcome to my site where you’ll find all of my gems from itty bitty babies to Grandparents. Weddings to families. I hope to be your new family photographer. I live in Lawrenceville GA with my incredibly supportive husband, and our three kids.  They are my soul reasons for living! Being married, a wife, and a mom has opened my eyes to the family world. I can relate to many different situations and I understand little ones, I relate. I have learned to apply my life’s experiences to my little customers, and families. Happy wife happy life, happy mom happy babies, excited photographer great memories.

I am fairly new to Georgia. We moved here in October of 2013. I LOVE it here!! We moved here from Las Vegas, NV. Vegas will always be home to me, but I have embraced the south as well! I have built my business here in GA person by person. Strictly off referrals! I am so thankful for each and everyone of my clients. Without all of you I wouldn’t be able to show my family that with hard work, dedication, passion, and support you can be successful and love what you do!

My 1,200 sqft studio is located adjacent to the charming downtown Lawrenceville. I have a store front studio space that is exclusively my studio. Come hang out and feel right at home.

My store front studio is located at:

430 W. Pike Street #B

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

I am a licensed and insured photographer. Your family and babies safety is my priority.

I offer in studio sessions as well as outdoor photography. Since Atlanta is SO big, I travel for sessions, but I am based out of Gwinnett County and I like to stay within reason to Gwinnett County. I like to travel seasonally for different types of looks for different styled sessions.

I am a published photographer!! How exciting is that!! Thank you Gwinnett Magazine for featuring me and my beloved business on the front page as well as in the trifold!! Thank you to Baby Model Magazine as well, 5 times!! You will also see my cute little customers in Newborn Baby Model calendar for 2019. Ah! I am so lucky!!

Just as I want to get to know all my clients, here is a little bit about me too:

I am completely addicted to Boulder Creek Coffee House! It’s a proud, yet sad confession lol! Yes, they know me by first name. I pull up and they say “Good morning, afternoon, evening… same Large Latte with honey and cinnamon?!”. This is funny and sad all at the same time. Ha! My coffee helps me through my long days of being me. I LOVE YOU BOULDER!! As much as I love the big boulder I have an in home espresso bar as well!! The smell of coffee makes my heart smile…. it also helps me be a wife, mom, full time business owner, and whatever else I can fit in that day!

I am my dads only daughter and he is my hero! I hold him near and dear to my heart. He is always supportive and always an open ear to my dreamy big ideas and plans. He’s my light. He keeps my feet on the ground. Reminds me not forget about myself.

I am married to my boyfriend. He’s my best friend and he puts up with my constant need for change and is always helping me build props and back drops for you and my beautiful studio space! WHAT a great guy 🙂 You may see him around, say “heyyyy”!!

I don’t sit still….ever. I am always on the go! Things to do, people to see, and places to go. I believe in love, solidness, and living life to its fullest. Passion drives me and I go where I am called. We only live once. Make it matter.

I do not like clutter. Organization makes me flutter in happiness. The more open and airy the space the happier I feel. With that being said, you’ll notice my studio is very bright white and clean. I pride myself on your boutique experience and know my space is yours too.

I never watch TV… I watch my phone! I drive my hubby crazy. We have TVs in each room and I prefer my phones screen to watch my Netflix addictions. Silly I know, but that’s me 🙂

I am a former Master Stylist/Cosmetologist. I still have an eye for hair and make up. Only it’s all digital now!! Crazy how times change. – it helps my business edits tremendously! I apply my knowledge in heavy edits a lot more then I ever thought.

My favorite things are being a Mommy, a daughter, smiling, laughing, outdoors, beaches, my camera, pink/black, cherry blossoms, gerbera daisies, sparkles/glitter, girly, make-up, dancing and having a fun time no matter the circumstances. Live Life to the ABSOLUTE fullest! Trusting that God has my back <3

I dislike driving, unmotivated people, waiting on things, letting my controlling self let go. Ha!

I love new people, places, traveling, and just living in general! I fear natural disasters and bad drivers.

I love the word love. It’s tattooed across my wrist. Without love what do we have?

I secretly do pet photography and have my canvases at a few clinics and grooming shops around Atlanta. Dogs smile too! Cats, not so much! Haha… I also do food photography. It’s amazing where my camera takes me.

I am easy to get along with, love having fun in anyway possible, my jobs not my job it is my passion. I look forward to building my dreams to the max with you by my side!

Special thank you to my family, friends, and long time customers for being incredibly supportive, loyal, and pushing me to reach for the stars <3 Come with me because this is just the beginning!!!

In my studio, no baby is ever “just a baby ”, no family is ever “just a family”, and no photo is ever “just a photo”

-Paige Beni

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